• The program at Shri Yoga and Wellness Center is a comprehensive and intensive study of yoga designed to broaden your perspective of yoga - culminating in an expansive experience that is transformative on every level - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

    The journey to becoming a yoga teacher is one of self-inquiry and personal transformation. It requires a dedicated practice, lifelong studentship, and a desire to open to greater possibilities. Whether you are interested in deepening your own personal practice or feel the call to teach, we will; skillfully guide you into unpacking to these timeless teachings, support you in integrating the teachings into your daily life and into your meditation practice, help you gain a more informed and practical understanding of anatomy and alignment, and build a community for all to share and cultivate their unique gifts and talents.

    The art of teaching yoga requires technical knowledge, the ability to communicate the practice of yoga with others, and the voice to convey the essence of yoga which can only come from the heart. Our program will allow students to be themselves to find their authentic voice, and tap into their own greatness.

    "The teacher training program at Shri Yoga fulfilled all my expectations! We were exposed to such a wealth of knowledge. It was evident that the curriculum was designed to inspire and create a well rounded teacher. The entire process has been such a transforming experience. I am very grateful that I was able to participate in such a rewarding program. What an incredible empowering journey! " ~Janelle

    Our program is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level.  Certification is granted upon completion of all assigned requirements and demonstration of proficiency in areas of study. Requirements for certification include 180 contact hours, observation and assisting hours, regular yoga practice, and completion of reading and written assignments, and passing of exams.


    2017-2018    Program begins September 2017

    Registered Yoga Alliance School


    2017- 2018 Yoga Teacher Training Weekends (200+ hours)

     Dates and Meeting Times:   Saturday and Sunday 8:30-5:30 pm

    • September  10 (12-4 pm), 16, 17 
    • October  7, 8, 28, 29
    • November 18, 19
    • December 9, 10
    • January 6, 7, 27, 28 
    • February 17, 18
    • March  10, 11, 31  
    • April 1, 14, 15  

    Weekends include 180 contact hours.  Additional 25+ hours will be satisfied with audio links and homework assignments. 


    200 Hour Teacher Training Curriculum 

    • Asana, Alignment, Modifications
    • Physical Anatomy
    • Subtle Body Anatomy
    • Pranayama
    • Meditation and chanting
    • Yoga Philosophy and Scriptural studies
    • Art an Skill of Teaching
    • Planning and Sequencing
    • Assisting and Adjustments
    • Teaching to specialized populations
    • Taking the Seat of the Teacher
    • Lifestyle and Ethics
    • The Profession and Business of Yoga



    • Complete all 200 hours required.
    • Attend weekly classes (approx. 2 weekly) 
    • Observe 4 Shri classes.
    • Write written reflections on required readings and assignments.
    • Prepare 3 class sequences
    • Demonstrate proficiency in teaching assignments
    • Successfully complete exams


    200 Hour Certification and Benefits

    All participants may attend unlimited yoga classes for the duration of the program. Upon successful completion of all requirements,  training graduates will receive a Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate.


    Investment:   Includes unlimited yoga classes

    • Early Bird Tuition: $2,650.00 (if paid in full by August 5, 2017)
    • Standard Tuition: $2,750.00 (if paid in full by September 10, 2017)
    • Installment Plan: $2,900.00 ($500 or more deposit with installment payments)


    Teacher Training Faculty

    Pam Guido, E-RYT 200, E-RYT 500  began her formal yoga study in 2000.  She earned several 200 hour certifications including Kirpalu, Baptiste, Forrest and Anusara.  Falling in love with the philosophy and methodology of Anusara, Pam completed her additional hours to earn her 500 certification with Sue Elkind and Naime Jezzeny.  Pam continues to study with a handful of esteemed teachers including Michelle Synnestvedt, Noah Maze, Christina Sell, Dr Paula Gelbert, Douglas Brooks, Christopher Wallis and others.

    Pam's teaching integrates precise alignment techniques into a flowing practice to empower and encourage students of ALL levels. Her classes will challenge, inspire and support you in cultivating your best and most empowered sense of self. 

    Rachel Nye-Sammon, E-RTY 200+ Rachel is a 2010 graduate of the Shri Yoga Teacher Training Program and the Dig Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training program. She is active student and teacher who is also continues her studies with Sue Elkind and Naime Naime Jezzeny.

    Guest Teachers: Michelle Synnestvedt E-RYT 500    Michelle is teacher's teacher who is highly respected in the yoga community for her wealth and knowledge in East Indian devotional studies, practice, traditional story-telling, Hatha yoga, Scriptural studies, Mindfulness and Meditation.


    Registration  Please send email to pam@shriyogapa.com stating your intent.  Further instructions and application will be sent to you!


  • Past Graduate Testimonials

    I would recommend the teacher training program at SHRI to anyone who has the desire to teach as well as to anyone who simply desires to deepen their practice. The journey is a profound one taking the person to a greater awareness of themselves as well as expanding their practices. The studio and the instructors provide a caring, knowledgeable and peaceful environment in which to begin your journey."~Lori L.

    “The teacher training program at Shri was really beyond any of my expectations. I went into the training with a desire to deepen my own practice and gain a better understanding of poses and alignment principles. I came out of the training with the beautiful gift of beginning to understand the true meaning of yoga, and also to know my true self. The teacher training program provided me with a solid foundation with which I can continue to build my lifelong yoga journey upon. It was truly a life changing experience for me and I highly recommend the program to anyone." ~ AliciaK.

    "The Yoga teacher training at Shri Yoga opened my eyes to new ways of being in the world. It encompassed so much more than learning to teach asanas. I am thrilled that I can now share what I've learned with others on the mat but I am even more grateful for the philosophy, ethics and peaceful practices that I've learned to practice off the mat in my daily life. If you decide to take Pam's teacher training, be prepared to delve deep and discover your beautiful perfect self." ~Lisa F.

    When I signed up for Teacher Training I was unsure about my ability and desire for teaching yoga. Since I have completed the training I not only feel drawn to teaching but I feel prepared to do so. The training at Shri yoga has given me a much deeper appreciation and understanding of asana alignment principles which I believe will lead to a better and safer experience for the students being taught. All of the classes from philosophy to meditation were taught well and were very informative. I highly recommend the 200 hr. teacher training at Shri Yoga and Wellness Center. ~Bill S.

    The teacher training at Shri was a moving experience. I started out taking the training to deepen my own yoga practice and came away with a yearning to teach the principles of yoga to others. It was truly transformational in my life. Yoga is so much more than your asana practice and if you do the work with an open mind you will be amazed at all yoga is and can be! Thank you Pam for wonderful experience it will be something I will have for the rest of my life. ~Brenda O.

    I reflect with great joy a year after having completed the yoga teacher training at Shri. The teachings, integration and heart connection, I carry with me and allow to move through me in my own teaching and practice. I feel confident that I teach a safe and well-balanced yoga class. But, more than that, I feel confidence in who I am, and the yoga teacher training and my practice at Shri has encouraged this continued exploration. Pam humbly and passionately shares her wisdom and safe guidance, allows students to develop a sound practice, and offers space to grow in their own unique ways. This training is a beautiful experience, and a whole-hearted gift to yourself. ~Michelle N.

    I had practiced yoga for several years before beginning my practice at Shri. The yoga at Shri was very special, and started to create positive changes in my body and mind. Wanting to take this practice deeper, I considered signing up for the teacher training program. I'd heard from other graduates that the program was "life changing." Curious about what that meant, and interested in perhaps teaching yoga someday, I embarked on my journey. Over the months, I not only developed a deep understanding of the physical postures, alignment principals, anatomy, and yoga philosophy, but I also developed a deeper understanding of myself. At the culmination of my teacher training, I was not only prepared to teach yoga, but also to live my life more fully, with a deeper sense of gratitude. The teacher training program at Shri includes in-depth studies of the human body, yoga postures, class sequencing, yoga philosophy, chakras, meditation, teaching techniques, and more. We accomplished a LOT, but never seemed rushed. Pam and the other teacher training faculty are very knowledgeable in their subjects and synthesize multiple learning methods such as discussion, readings, written assignments, physical activities, and group and individual projects. I would recommend the program to anyone curious about yoga, interested in meeting awesome people, and willing to do some serious self-study. ~Jessica S.

    Perfectly structured! I love how the material was coordinated within the different subjects. It was obvious that a lot of care and thoughtful preparation went into designing this curriculum. There was always plenty of time for discussion and asking questions. The program totally prepared me with the skills to plan a class and also to adjust the plan on the spot based on the students in the class. And I am talking not just about the asanas, but also being able to thread yoga philosophy through the class in a way that is accessible to the students in front of me. ~Jennifer F.

    It is difficult for me to sum up my overall experience in a few words, as I feel that it came at a time in my life when I needed it most. At the risk of sounded melodramatic or clichéd, the Shri teacher training saved me. It provided and outlet for me to begin to take care of myself and come to the realization that life can be a beautiful thing, through the help of yoga. Because the teacher training changed my life, I would without a doubt recommend the Shri teacher training and have already done so to many others. I am proud to say am a graduate of the Shri teacher training and to call it my “home studio.” ~Lacey

    The overall experience was exactly what I needed in my life. It has changed my perspective in so many ways - for the better. I feel like everyone should go through a training like this:) It isn't just yoga (asana) - the depth of the program exceeded my expectations. Thank you for offering this experience. I already miss it! ~Mallory G.

    "The 200 hour teacher training program at Shri Yoga went above and beyond my expectations; I am grateful for having the opportunity to be involved with this program. Pam did an amazing job of mapping out the program details and executing the program to fit the needs of all students in a very individualized manner. Pam’s wealth of knowledge and excitement carried through to those of us participating. I began with the intention of only taking the 50 hour immersion to learn more about my own personal asana (poses/physical) practice then became so immersed in wanting to learn more that I continued on to complete the additional 150 hours for the teaching certification. No matter what your personal goals are, for asana practice or living a total yogic lifestyle, I feel confident in recommending that the teacher training program at Shri Yoga will help you to attain them. I have grown into a better version of myself and I thank Pam and Shri Yoga for that." --- Rachael H

    "If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies." This quote beautifully represents the change I see in myself after completing the teacher training at Shri. As a beginner at yoga I had limited knowledge of what it was all about before I started the training and now I can say that I would be comfortable standing in front of a room to teach. The topics we covered have helped further my own practice on the mat and have helped me become more mindful in my daily life. Along with learning poses, we covered philosophy, how to sequence a class, breathing techniques and meditation. Whether you're a beginner looking to further your own practice or looking to get started teaching the training at Shri will leave you with a solid foundation and deeper understanding of the yoga lifestyle. I am so thankful for the training and I highly recommend the program, only if you're ready to experience positive change. Laura G.

    "I began my teacher training at Shri to support my work as a teacher of mindfulness based principles and practices. I was hoping that a deeper understanding of yoga and how the body moves would provide me with a richer base of knowledge to share with my students. The training has given me that, and so much more! I have experienced first hand the transformative power of yoga and its capacity to challenge and inspire every kind of student. Early on in the training, an accident left me with a broken foot and elbow. I chose to continue with the training and watched as the practice of yoga (on and off the mat) helped me to heal and gain my strength back in my body and my mind. I am so grateful for the support, guidance and wisdom that Pam so graciously shared with us. I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in diving deeper into the exploration of yoga." Kim S.

    Taking the immersion and teacher training with Pam at Shri Yoga and Wellness Center simply changed my life. Each step of the process was eye opening and soul nourishing. From the deeper understanding of the many philosophical beliefs guiding the practice of yoga, to the attention of anatomical alignment, I have found greater peace and awareness on and off the mat. The community that was built in our time frame of training is one of love, trust, and expansion that I will never forget. I'm continuously impressed by Pam's knowledge and even more by her enthusiasm and willingness to share it. She is a teacher who knows not only how to teach, but how to teach teachers. I walked out of the training feeling proud about the information I absorbed and the discipline of practice I attained. Pam's energy, passion, and love for yoga has inspired and humbled me. If you are looking to dive deeper into your everyday practice, or become a yoga teacher, the work you do within this training will improve so many facets of your life. The teachings and lessons I have received from Pam will forever be engraved in my heart, as I thank her for lighting the fire within my true Self! Pam's guidance and wisdom on this sacred journey has brought me back "home." Gabrielle B.

    The teacher training at Shri Yoga was recommended to me by another yoga instructor. Our teacher, Pam, is amazing! She is very knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate about yoga. In our teacher training, we learned about the history and philosophy of Hatha yoga which was very interesting and inspiring. We also learned about how to breathe in our yoga practice as well as in meditation.Pam is such a perfectionist about teaching the correct way to align ourselves in each pose so that we will have a better practice as well as help our students as well. We also learned about anatomy, sequencing, chakras, meditation and a lot more.I highly recommend Pam’s teacher training program whether you want to teach or not. It is an opportunity to develop your skills in yoga as well as personally. Donna D.

    I remember the exact moment that I just knew I needed to take the teacher training class at Shri. I had an intense feeling to enroll in the next teacher training program at Shri. It was important for me to expand my knowledge to learn to teach those groups not readily exposed to the beneficial aspects of yoga. Our weekends were packed with so much information that the weeks in between classes allowed for me the time to reflect and ingest what we learned and discussed. Pam breaks down the teachings and techniques weaves them into the classes with ease. She encourages questions and gives thorough answers. Through her experience she guides you through the yogic journey and understands that this is your experience. The training manual and audio sessions that we used are great tools for future reference. They supply a wealth of information and have deepen my knowledge of yogic philosophy, the yoga sutras, alignment principles, cuing, sequencing, teaching, chakras, meditation and pranayama. The class observation and learning to teach our group showed us how it all fits together. The insights and discussions that followed our research of the Yamas and Niyamas in class brought the class to another level. The sharing of the wide variety of personal interpretation, along with the modern interpretations were especially thought provoking. They shed light on basic values that led to much self revelation within our group. These writings from thousands of years ago still hold true today. Throughout each part of the course I learned more about myself, and I am so thankful for that. I find what I learned leaves me more mindful and aware of how I place myself on a daily basis, on and off the mat. I have benefited greatly from the pranayama and meditation practice and the words "just breathe" and being "still" l have taken on a whole new dimension for me. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have complete the teacher training program at Shri Yoga. I recommend it to anyone who is seeking personal development or wanting to know more about yoga. It's a great journey! The information from the course is pertinent for today's world. ~Janice M.

    I wish everyone could experience the Immersion & Teacher Training that Pam offers. My first question to Pam prior to committing to the program was; “do you think I’m too old?” Pam’s compassion and confidence demonstrated to me that,”I am not too old and yes, I can do this” and I did. This journey has been life-changing for me and I can’t recommend it enough. Through Pam’s careful guidance and expertise, I have developed a solid foundation of proper alignment & the confidence to weave this rich learning into a gentle yet strong approach to pursue teaching our interested elder population. More importantly, I’m deepening my own inner journey to learn me. I am so very grateful. The asana teaching, the spiritual philosophy of yoga and the beautiful bond that developed with my fellow students reached way beyond my expectations of the program. What a beautiful path and ranks at the top as one of the greatest gifts I ever gave myself. ~ Karen N.

    The moment i decided to register for Shri yoga's teacher training was by far the biggest step out of my comfort zone i've ever took. Full of doubts and questions but driven by a big passion and desire to learn more about yoga, i just decided to go for it, and i couldn't be more thankful for this beautiful journey. Under the guidance of my amazing teacher Pam, i was able not only to completely transform my practice on and off the mat,but i i also learned what it really means to study yoga, i learned that there's so much more than the asana practice, from the philosophy, to meditation and pranayama, this training covers brilliantly every aspect you need to know as a future yoga teacher or as a dedicated yoga practitioner. Most importantly, thanks to the incredible support of Pam and all the other trainees, i was able to find myself again, i found my inner voice, i found my inner fire, i found a home away from home at Shri yoga! I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is ready to find that spark of light deep within their hearts and let it shine out. ~Roberta S. 

    Shri provides an excellent learning opportunity. The program is well organized and encourages students to grow as yoga practitioners and teachers. Students form a supportive cohort and learn each other as well as Pam, the primary teacher. The ability to create and receive feedback on two sequences was very helpful. This program blends a focus on philosophy, anatomy, and the skill of teaching in a way that will prepare students well. Pam is an excellent teacher who is able to convey her knowledge and love of yoga in a supportive and accessible manner. ~Yuriko B.

    I have been a student of yoga for over 3 years now. I am from India and I have an uncle who is a yoga teacher. Yoga has always been my passion and I strongly feel it’s a way of life. I decided to become a yoga teacher in 2015. That’s when I found Shri and instantly fell in love. I spoke briefly with Pam and told her that I was very new to asana practice but decently good at yoga philosophy since I learned a lot of it growing up. Pam was very helpful and understanding of my needs. I took a few classes and told Pam that I am ready to become a teacher. Since then Pam has guided me in this amazing journey. I graduated in April 2017. Shri is a place where you learn about yoga as a blend of asanas and a spiritual practice. Not many places around offer a whole view of yoga like Shri does. Pam is a very inspiring teacher. Although she has been teaching yoga for so long she still considers herself as a student of yoga. Nothing is more inspiring to a student than studying under a humble teacher. My yoga teacher training at Shri has been such a blissful and spiritual experience. I learned in-depth about the yoga poses and yoga philosophy. It has laid such a strong foundation for my future as a yoga teacher and a student. I will continue to study at Shri and under Pam. The journey has been the most fulfilling one for me ~Priya A.

    In September of 2016, I began a nine month journey as part of the Teacher Training program at Shri Yoga and Wellness Center with Pam Guido. I don’t know what exactly prompted me to enroll in the teacher training initially. I never really thought I wanted to be a yoga teacher, per se, but my practice was at a place where I wanted to take it a bit deeper, know more about yoga and really immerse myself in a totally different way. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into but I loved the idea of immersion into yoga and so rather than focus on not really knowing if I wanted to be a teacher, I decided to just soak up the experience and go from there.

    I was blown away.

    The first weekend did not turn out to be anything like I thought it would be. It was clear from the onset we would be bonding and digging deep with the seven other participants in the program. It was as though we all linked hands in a circle from that first weekend on, and jumped off the cliff together, never letting go.

    The things we learned, the things we were asked to do, to share and to participate in, were things that stripped us down and built us up. All the while, I was learning to listen more deeply to my body and to see my practice unfold in a new and amazing way. I learned so much in those months. All eight of us in the program became incredibly close to each other over the course of the training. We relied on each other and shared our vulnerabilities and strengths. We laughed and cried and we learned. From Pam and, from each other and from ourselves. And we practiced yoga together. A lot of yoga.

    Pam is an incredibly gifted teacher. You need only to have taken a single yoga class from her to know this, but the experience of the TT was something else entirely. She is a living breathing extension of yoga. And she is channeling to her students a deeper knowledge and understanding of yoga, simply because she wants to see it live on. She wants to share yoga in this way so that it continues and has a true reach in the world. I’m awestruck when I think about her passion, her experience and the way in which she has taken the time to teach her students. I feel incredibly lucky to have taken the journey with her.

    I learned more about myself and my practice during the TT than anything else. I know the joy it brings me and how to cultivate that every time I step on my mat. I know that I want to share that with as many people as I can. I have a solid foundation for learning and growing with my practice and with teaching. I loved learning so much of the history and story of yoga which gave me such a deeper understanding of my own practice. I don’t think I would have experienced that from a text book or an on-line course, or even another training program.

    The focus on anatomy and alignment of the body and spine was so enlightening. Our body is a machine and it’s so critical to understand how it is supposed to work and what things can impede it from operating properly. Yoga can help or hinder that, depending on how much understanding we have of how it works.

    To me, Pam has incorporated just the right amount of background and knowledge to really give students the beginning foundations for a deeper understanding of yoga. It’s the perfect platform to step from, for those that want to teach, and a wonderful experience for those just looking to deepen their personal journey with yoga.

    I’ve had a lot of achievements in my life, but accepting my certification on that final weekend as a graduate from Shri Yoga Teacher Training was one of my greatest successes. I am very proud of the work I did on a personal level to earn that certificate and am confident that I can share that with future clients and students. I highly recommend this experience and this training to anyone who is even remotely interested in learning more about yoga. It will change your life. ~Rebecca D.