• Eve MIller Beck

    I have been practicing massage therapy in Berks County since 2004. I help people manage stress, anxiety, panic disorders and chronic pain, allowing them to live a fuller, happier life. As a younger me, I had some serious anxiety and panic issues. I tried all kinds of therapies; talk therapy, nature therapy, meditation, medication and more. It all helped a bit but the anxiety eventually became all encompassing in my life again. Massage was suggested to me, I went and it changed my life forever. I learned that my body had learned to hold anxiety and that my body had to unlearn it. I learned how to relax, “let go”, breathe deeply, and that much of my physical pain was caused by my emotional stuff. I love to help other people learn these things too. In my past life (pre massage therapy), I worked for a social service agency helping victims of domestic and sexual violence. So, I understand the importance of confidentiality, and a need for a safe, secure space. I get it. With that said, if you are experiencing stress, anxiety or panic come and see me. I would love to help. I love to meet new people, hang out with great friends, read, dance, eat, bake and play with my adorable and amazing children and husband. My favorite holiday is April Fool’s Day. My favorite food is french fries. I’m slightly obsessed with my Kindle and making Indian food. So there you have it. That’s me.

  • MIke McCaulley

    Mike McCaulley is a Pa. State Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in pain and stress relief. He graduated from East-West School of Therapeutic Massage in 2007 with training in therapeutic/ Swedish massage, deep tissue, soft tissue release, aromatherapy, reflexology, and chair massage. Mike also has attended workshops for Thai Yoga Massage, Myofacial Release, and Process Acupressure. Mike’s personal experience of having injuries and pain from years of working in construction have helped him to appreciate the value of therapeutic massage and yoga. Massage is a way to help the body heal naturally and maintain the balance needed for an active lifestyle. Busy lifestyles can lead to over worked joints and muscles which can cause a decrease in mobility and an increase in pain. Incorporating massage into your life will ease muscle tension, reduce anxiety, improve the immune system, restore strength, and provide a feeling of well-being. Balance and harmony within the body is a therapeutic goal with unlimited potential, focus on yours today! Michele Phillips earned her B.A. in Fine Art from Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado. She has always had a fondness for flowers and all that is organic and natural. She is also an avid seeker with a long-time interest in complementary and integrative medicine. Combining both artistry and science, she pursued her certification in Aromatherapy for the purpose of designing individualized therapeutic programs for her clients. Her hand-crafted, aromatic blends and synergies are made from pure, organic essential oils and are aimed at restoring physical, emotional, psychological and energetic balance.

  • John Hackman

    John Hackman is a Pennsylvania Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Thai Massage Therapist and a Registered Yoga Teacher. He received his massage therapy training at Cortiva Institute and yoga teacher training at Dig Yoga. He continued his education with Thai Yoga Massage training with the Institute of Thai Massage - ITM-USA, an affiliate school of ITM - Chaing Mai, Thailand. John provides a relaxing therapeutic massage experience utilizing his knowledge of Swedish massage, deep tissue, general myofascial work and neuromuscular techniques. He is incorporating Thai Massage techniques onto his table sequences and expects to offer Thai on the table. John practices event and corporate chair massage in the greater Philadelphia area. He also has training in Reiki and Hot Stone therapies. He is an Associated Bodywork and Massage Professional - ABMP- certified massage therapist and is an active yogi in the Shri community In John's previous career he worked for over 10 years in an environmental non-profit as a project and volunteer coordinator on resource protection, hiking trail and community gardening.

  • Suesie Hartman

    Suesie Hartman is a 5th generation psychic. She has been intuitive since childhood. Over the past several years, Hartman has chosen to devote her gifts, skills & time, to healing, teaching others to heal & assisting others with personal psychic/intuitive development. During an actual Healing Energy Session, Hartman utilizes a variety of techniques & modalities, which are best suited for each individual client. At any given time, these may include: Lu Wan Chi, Shaman Energies, Reiki, Frequency Balancing, alchemy, medical intuitiveness, crystals, Karma cleansing, chakra cleansing, balancing & alignment, & much more. In 2006, Spirit chose to channel a re-discovered Energy healing modality, called Lu Wan Chi (the Journey to Complete Chi), to Suesie. This channeling spanned a period of nearly one year. Extensive clinical testing, trials & experience were gathered, prior to Hartman utilizing this high frequency, potent Energy to clients. This Energy modality is now an integral part of her healing practice. Suesie's thriving private practice is divided between her home in Bowmansville, PA and York; Lancaster counties where she regularly teaches Energy healing classes. Hartman is an international medical intuitive, and has clients all along the east coast. She teaches several Adult Education classes with the Twin Valley & Eastern Lancaster County school districts. She is a Lu Wan Chi Master/Teacher, Shaman, medical intuitive, Reiki Master/Teacher, crystal therapy consultant, & alchemist. Topics of her classes/workshops include: Past Lives, Crystals 101, & Learning to Become More Intuitive. Suesie resides in Bowmansville, Lancaster County, PA.. Her household includes an overly energetic Siberian Husky dog, a diva feral cat, & a regal tuxedo cat.

  • April Showman

    I wanted to learn more about Yoga as a healing modality which lead me to study Yoga therapy with Dr. Robert Butera from the Yoga Life Institute in Devon, Pa. I received my 300 hour Yoga Therapy certification in June 2012. My interest in healing also expanded to bodywork. I have done many Thai massage trainings and workshops over the years, and recently had the incredible opportunity to travel to Northern Thailand to study Thai massage in Chiang Mai at The Old Medicine Hospital. It was an incredible experience learning, receiving, and teaching Thai massage while I was in Thailand. From all my experience my Yoga practice has evolved from just doing poses, to living a Yogic lifestyle which involves meditation,chanting, nutrition, healthy relationships, prayer, reading spiritual books, massage and anything else that leads me to living to the best of my ability with a positive attitude, grace, and with faith in a higher power. I encourage my students and clients to stay connected to their highest self and let their love shine. Yoga is connection to the divine and realizing we are all essentially divine spirits. Thai Yoga Therapy From my experience and training in Yoga, Thai massage and Yoga Therapy I provide services for individuals who are in need of emotional, physical, and spiritual guidance/ healing.