• Energy is all around us. It keeps everything working; the sun, the earth, the oceans and our bodies. Energy provides our bodies with essentails of life.


    The energy in our bodies sometimes needs to be replenished, restored and o/r balanced. When our body is imbalanced it manifest as dis-ease, leading often to illness or pain. Energy work, with its various modalities helps to replenish, restore and balance the energy in our bodies.

    Energy work includes several different modalities, including the more commonly known Japanese technique called Reiki. Energy work is a valuable component to assist and enhance conventional healing methods and works with other alternative healing modalities. Reiki has be known to reduce stress and promote relaxation and healing. Widely used in many holistic practices, Reiki is now more commonly utilized in hospitals around the world to assist patients in their per-surgery preparation and post-surgery recovery.

    In each session , Suesie will intuit which modalities best serve each individual to achieve a greater state of well being and health A 60 minute healing session may include; Grid repair; Chakra cleansing, alignment and balancing; Direct removal of negative energies; Cord removal; Meridian Clearing; Inter-dimensional healing; Past-life readings

  • Suesie Hartman is a Master Energy Healer, one of the elite Healers in the tri-state area. She is gifted with the ability to channel or use many different types of healing energies during a session. A few of the energy modalities are calm and gentle while others are potent and direct, Some modalities focus in the emotional or mental component of healing.