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    Wellness in the Work Place

    Our Corporate mission is to enhance individual and corporate effectiveness and productivity by providing services that support healthier lifestyles. We seek to create an active partnership with our clients to better respond to their changing needs. We believe that each individual has the potential to bring about positive change within themselves, which in effect, improves the community culture.

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    How Can You Benefit from a Wellness Program?
    Corporate wellness programs are an investment in your company’s most valuable asset, your employees. Studies have shown that employees are more likely to be on the job and performing well when they are in optimal physical and psychological health.

    Investing in a wellness program is recognized by management leaders around the world as an effective and smart way to improve overall employee moral and productivity, and reduce the rising cost of health care. According to the American Institute for Preventative Medicine (AIPM), 50 % of corporate profits now go towards healthcare costs versus only 7% three decades ago. By implementing a wellness program, you create a more energetic, positive, and productive workplace environment that provides meaningful gains to your company.

    Corporate wellness programs have been proven to:
    Attract superior quality employees
    Reduced health care costs
    Enhance on-the-job performance and decision making
    Decrease the rate of illness and injury
    Reduce absenteeism and time lost
    Improve employee morale, resulting in lower turnover

    Shri Yoga in partnership with Waking Wellness Inc., provides an integrative approach to wellness that seeks to create balance in all areas of life. Our goal is to empower individuals with the education, habits of mind, and practices that lead to greater health and life-changing behaviors to create lasting change.


    Allow us to customize a program to enhance the health and well being of your employees to support the attainment of your corporate goals.

    Desk Yoga for Everyone This session will provide some basic information on how stress is stored in our body and some common manifestations of this. Then we will practice some basics office/desk yoga that target these specific areas of the body. Movement will be linked to breath and will end with a brief, breath-based mindfulness techniques to reset and rejuvenate ourselves.

    Yoga classes for Everyone Tailored to your community's needs/wants, population and space, we offer ongoing classes. We will practice mindfulness, Pranayama (breath work), Asanas (postures) and relaxation. Based on your changing needs, we can work together to emphasize any one area on any given day. Our goal is to illumine each individual's potential, therefore, improving the entire community.

    Rejuvenation Session; A Mindful Experience In this brief, Mindfulness Mini Session we will bring awareness to our bodies, our breath and our habits in an effort to re-gather, refocus and reconnect to our lives. We will begin to cultivate attentional healthy habits via mindfulness practice, meditation and visualization that can provide an immediate felt sense of relaxation in our bodies and minds and a feeling of rejuvenation. Leave feeling refreshed and with a foundation to begin to shift yourrelationship to life.

    An Introductions to Mindful Inspired Living; Harnessing Your Power and Potential This is a six-week course intended to introduce a mindful approach to life, energy and stress management. It provided and opportunity to practice mindfulness techniques with the support and encouragement of others, and create an environment for real healing both internally and externally.

    Mindfulness is a way of training your mental muscles, exactly where you are and with all that you already have. It involves the cultivation of a specific attitude and use of our skillful attention, which when combined, have immense potential to change our relationship to life and life events; to improve concentration, to replenish our energy, to reduce felt stress and find more joy in life as it is, right now! Countless employees have found that by beginning and maintaining a mindfulness practice has enhanced their professional focus and creativity, improved their sense of well being and energy, and created a more graceful and joyful journey through life. In fact neuroscience has shown changes in the chemistry of the brain that support improved memory, concentration and positive affect.

    Massage and Body Work Our team of body professionals will help you release tension and stress in your muscles. Depending on your space and time, we offer 15 min chair massages or 30 and 60 min table massages. Enjoy a mini mid-day retreat!

    For more information please contact; info@shriyogapa.com


  • Your Wellness Professionals

    Pam Guido is the founder, director and senior teacher at Shri Yoga and Wellness Center. She created and teaches the 200 hour Yoga Certification program and mentors new teachers along with her teaching schedule and on-going studies. Her background includes years of extensive studies and trainings in yoga, yoga therapeutics, yoga philosophy and meditation. Prior to teaching yoga she taught public education. M ED, RYT E-500+

  • Rachelle Bevilacqua founded Waking Wellness, with a focus on mindfulness based strategies to manage stress, anxiety and depression. She has also studied Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Personal Life Coaching, as well as Yoga and Meditation for Anxiety and Depression. In addition to Waking Wellness, Rachelle provides services as a Life Management Specialist at Vanguard through the Carebridge Corporation, as well as leading corporate wellness workshops and trainings through Independence Blue Cross. MS, LPC, CYT E-200