• doTERRA Essential Oils

    CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

    Essential Oils have been used from early civilizations around the world for their therapeutic and aromatic properties. One only has to incorporate essential oils into their daily regimen of self-care to experience for themselves the many benefits and healing properties that essential oils hold. While there are many essential oils on market, there are few that embody the pure, therapeutic-grade quality that we want or expect for our personal consumption.

    That is why at Shri, we have chosen doTERRA as our choice of essential oils. The name doTERRA means "Gift of the Earth." Recognizing the healing potential imbued within these extraordinary plants, doTERRA takes care to harvest the plants at the peak of the plant’s potential, and puts the oils through rigorous testing too measure “extract purity and chemical composition.” There are no fillers, artificial ingredients or additives that would dilute the potency or purity of their oils.

    Introducing doTERRA oils into our yoga community has been a joy! The excitement continues to grow as students share their experiences. We invite you to take some time to check out some of the oils displayed in the lobby. Feel free to sample the ‘sampler bottles’, but please be mindful NOT to open any bottles that are not labeled as such. We have a growing inventory for you to purchase what you like. Want to receive the products at 25% off? Ask us about how to obtain a wholesale account.


    Essential Oils 101 Two session held monthly. These are intimate settings where you can learn more about the oils and products and how to start implementing them into your self-care regimen. A sign-up sheet is located on the front desk counter at Shri with dates and times that are posted on the web site. It is essential that you sign up. 

    One-On-One Set up a time to meet with one of our doTERRA Wellness Advocates to learn more about how to incorporate the oils to address your wellness goals, how to acquire an wholesale account, or if you are curious and want to know more about joining the doTERRA team to earn money to supplement or replace your current income. Please contact us to set up a time and date to meet personally.

    Seasonal Workshop Held on site at Shri and at the Exeter Spine and Wellness Center. These sessions address seasonal treats that wreak havoc on our system. Learn more about the how these oils and blends help to prevent and reduce the systems associated with them and how to incorporate them in many creative ways.

  • One-On-One  OR Small Group Appointments Available

    Please submit a form request to schedule with one of our doTERRA Wellness Advocates.  We would love to meet with you to review your wellness goals and sample some of our oils!