• Private, Semi-private and Small Group Sessions

  • Reasons why one might consider:  A Private and Semi-private session.

    * To address personal concerns and build confidence through one-on-one guidance to establish a foundation to feel more at ease in joining a class.

    * To customize and establish a personal routine to help address physical issues or injuries that may limit your daily living or participation in a class.  

    *  To support, enhance, advance or inform your personal practice.  Often times we may want more instruction and guidance in moving past areas that we feel stuck or less confident. 

    *  To customize a time that works better for the rhythm of your life.

     Investment:  $80/ per session  OR  $200 for 3 classes. Total amount due upon first session.



    Reasons why one might consider: A Small Group Session  

    *  To practice with a group of friends, co-workers, girl or club scouts, church groups, etc.  This can be a one-time session, a series of classes or on-going.  This a great way to build community and keep each other more accountable to show up! 

    * For a special occasions.  Family fun time, bridal shower, etc.  We would delighted to design a class that fits your preference!

    Investment:  $10 per person / Minimum 6 people.

    $8 per person for kids group  / Minimum 8 people