• Sunday Sits with Rachelle

    Held bi-weekly from 3 - 4:15 pm / June Sessions 11th and 25th

    Are you wanting to engage more with your meditation practice? Go deeper? Feel the support of a meditation community? Join Rachelle for Sunday Sits....a biweekly, donation based hour where we practice radical acts of self care, all inspired by intentionally turning toward what is here, now. These mindfulness meditation sessions are open to the public and open to all levels. However, it is recommended members have some meditation experience or consider a foundational class in the near future (keep watch at Shri), as it will not involve as much instruction. We will practice, reflect and explore...support, smile and connect and in this way, celebrate our humanness and interconnectedness...and maybe wake some wellness.

    by donation (80% proceeds will go to the DROP scholarship program)

    Brought to you by Waking Wellness


  • Yoga and Acupuncture with Chris and Tom

    Sunday July 16 from 1-3 pm

    Join us as we celebrate the gifts of summer in a special yoga and acupuncture workshop! In the Five Element tradition of Chinese Medicine, summer is the season of fire, of love, laughter, and connection to those we love. Fire allows us to give and receive warmth, to experience joy; it is the energy of the small intestine and heart meridians. Our yoga practice will focus on priming these meridians and you will learn how the energy of fire functions in your life. In an extended Savasana, Tom Dorn, of Spirit Gate Acupuncture, will provide an acupuncture session to assist in helping the body, mind, and spirit restore itself to balance.

    Register early to reserve your spot. $35 if registered by July 13th / $40 thereafter

    All levels welcome, no experience necessary. Modified yoga poses will be offered to those with movement limitations.

    *Note: While you may feel some sensation, acupuncture is not a painful experience.


  • Fall Yoga Retreat October 20-22

    Falling into Grace with Pam and Rachel

    Grace is word used within the yoga tradition to point towards that which is unseen, yet experienced. We might experience this as a deep sense of peace or contentment or adversely as a deep-seated stirring or unrest, a sense of unfulfillment, or a pulling of the heart to experience more. Grace is the deepest longing of the heart that seeks to express itself through us; an unfolding of consciousness that prompts us to move in alignment with our heart.

    During this weekend we will immerse ourselves in practice, contemplation, story telling, conversation, chanting, community and nature. Through our practices we will inquire into the profound and mysterious ways in which Grace reveals herself (Shakti) in our lives. Nestled in the Pocono Mountains, the Himalayan Institute offers a serene and peaceful environment to unplug from your daily distractions and to dive deep into practice and quiet reflection.

    The structure of the weekend will be balanced to allow time for study, practice, quiet reflection and free time to hike or simply relax. The retreat location offers plenty of space within the retreat facility and outdoors for you to get what you need from this weekend. Our program is open to students of all levels! Additional information is available at the front desk.


    Learn more here