• Sunday Sits with Rachelle

    Held bi-weekly from 3 - 4 pm / August Sessions 6th and 20th

    Are you wanting to engage more with your meditation practice? Go deeper? Feel the support of a meditation community? Join Rachelle for Sunday Sits....a biweekly, donation based hour where we practice radical acts of self care, all inspired by intentionally turning toward what is here, now. These mindfulness meditation sessions are open to the public and open to all levels. However, it is recommended members have some meditation experience or consider a foundational class in the near future (keep watch at Shri), as it will not involve as much instruction. We will practice, reflect and explore...support, smile and connect and in this way, celebrate our humanness and interconnectedness...and maybe wake some wellness.

    by donation (80% proceeds will go to the DROP scholarship program)

    Brought to you by Waking Wellness


  • Reiki Level I Certification with Suesie Hartman

    Sunday, September 10th from 12-5pm

    Become a certified Level I Reiki practitioner in just 1 day! Reiki is an ancient relaxation technique that assists your body in healing on many levels. In this level 1 certification course, you will learn the necessary hand positions required to flow Reiki to yourself and others.

    There will be time to practice flowing Reiki to volunteers, under the supervision of the facilitator and teacher, Suesie Hartman. Hartman has been teaching all levels of Reiki for nearly 25 years. Please wear comfortable clothes to class.

    Suesie Hartman is a 5th generation psychic/intuitive. She's been intuitive for as long as she can remember. Her journey has been one of much personal development and spiritual growth. Her gifts and abilities continue to expand. She is now a Master Energy Healer, able to channel more than 45 different healing energies, including Reiki. She remains focused with helping others--whether through Reiki, Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy, and /or Spiritual Counseling. Through ancient and non-traditional methods of healing, Ms. Hartman strives to fulfill her clear purpose in this lifetime--to contribute to the well being of others, through healing, teaching and sharing with others, in a positive, powerful and meaningful way.


     $125  - please register in advance as minimum number will be required.

    Register here Reiki Certification

  • Beginner Yoga Series with Pam 

    September 13th - November 1st  /  Wednesdays 7:15 - 8:30pm

     Every moment brings us back to the beginning Begin anew and discover your fullest potential! Yoga practice that has the ‘potential’ to bring about healing on many different levels. When approached mindfully, with an awareness of breath and physical alignment, then the true healing power of yoga is experienced. Through guided instruction and support, we will explore these principles in practice to help you establish a solid foundation to build strong, sound practice.

    In this series you will learn or re-learn how to breathe fully, align the physical body, work with your limitations, tendencies and/or injuries, and empower yourself with the knowledge of how to move skillfully on your mat and in your life.

    $110 (8-week series) Please register to reserve your spot

    Register here Beginner Series

  • Gentle  & Restore Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors with Chris

    September 14th - October 19th.  / Thursdays 7:15-8:15 pm 

    Make time for yourself!  This class includes gentle movements to encourage deep breathing and free up the joints in the body along with restorative poses to allow for deeper releases and relaxation.  Our focus is create an environment in which healing can take place.  This class is FREE to all breast cancer survivors.  Offered through the Brest Cancer Support Services of Berks County.  ALL welcome but must register.


  • Sacred Sound Healing Immersion; presented by Nurture Your Nature

    Sunday, September 17th from 3-5 pm

    Mark Seaman, Kate Stufflet, and Kevin Smith will present a Vibrational Sound Healing Immersion.  We will create a symphonic journey as your body resonates in harmony to the music and connects to deeper realms of vibrational healing. Utilizing Tibetan and crystal bowls, didgeridoos, gongs, native flutes, drums and more.  We invite you to immerse yourself in a magical afternoon of sound healing in a sacred space in community.   Bring a mat, blankets and a pillow to make yourself comfortable for the sound healing immersion.

     $35 if registered by 9/10  OR  $40 thereafter

    Register here Sound Immersion

  • Teen Yoga Series with Gabrielle

    September 21st - November 9th /  Thursdays 7:30-8:30pm

    This workshop is designed to introduce teens to the foundations of a yoga practice while building a community of friendships. The workshop is tailored to the population of teens and created to inspire each individual through self expression and a sense of belonging.

    This eight week series is an opportunity to explore and discover the benefits of a yoga practice in a safe, fun, and empowering environment! Throughout the series, teens can expect to learn the basic form and flow of an asana practice, pranayama, mindfulness and meditation techniques, partner poses, and journaling exercises.

    Gaby's goal is to encourage student to listen to their bodies and explore challenges. Overall, this 8 week series is a celebration of each teen and the supportive community that will be established.

    $96 if registered by 9/16th  OR  $105 thereafter

    Register early to reserve your spot.

    Register here Teen Series

  • Relieving Anxiety Through Yoga Series with Chris

    September 25 - November 13

    Stress and anxiety are a natural part of the human range of emotions. How we manage these emotions can determine their physiological, mental, and spiritual effects upon us. In this 8-part series we will explore a variety of yoga practices and poses so that you may find what works best for you individually to lower stress and anxiety. Learning yoga tools and philosophy will provide opportunities for self-reflection and self-growth.The goal of the series is to help you integrate these practical tools into your daily life. In this safe space you will learn to:

    • Ground and center through breath practices
    • Learn greater acceptance and deepen the mind-body connection
    • Discover self-awareness through mindful movement in yoga poses
    • Integrate simple and effective practices into your daily life
    • Enjoy the relaxation response of the body

    No experience is necessary in yoga, mindfulness or meditation. A willingness to explore is all that is necessary to begin. All levels welcome. Modified yoga poses will be offered to those with movement limitations. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a journal/notebook.

    Mondays 7:15 - 8:15 pm

    $128 (8-week series) $120 if registered and paid by 9/18

    Register here Relieving Anxiety Series


    Saturday, September 23rd

     DETAILS COMING!  Join us for a day of free classes and meet our team of teachers and body workers.  Special offerings and prizes!

  • Fall Yoga Retreat October 20-22

    Falling into Grace with Pam and Rachel

    Grace is word used within the yoga tradition to point towards that which is unseen, yet experienced. We might experience this as a deep sense of peace or contentment or adversely as a deep-seated stirring or unrest, a sense of unfulfillment, or a pulling of the heart to experience more. Grace is the deepest longing of the heart that seeks to express itself through us; an unfolding of consciousness that prompts us to move in alignment with our heart.

    During this weekend we will immerse ourselves in practice, contemplation, story telling, conversation, chanting, community and nature. Through our practices we will inquire into the profound and mysterious ways in which Grace reveals herself (Shakti) in our lives. Nestled in the Pocono Mountains, the Himalayan Institute offers a serene and peaceful environment to unplug from your daily distractions and to dive deep into practice and quiet reflection.

    The structure of the weekend will be balanced to allow time for study, practice, quiet reflection and free time to hike or simply relax. The retreat location offers plenty of space within the retreat facility and outdoors for you to get what you need from this weekend. Our program is open to students of all levels! Additional information is available at the front desk.

    Register here Fall Retreat

  • Working with Your Angels & Guides with Suesie Hartman

    Saturday, October 7th from 12-3 pm

     Most spiritual traditions include mention of Guardian Angles and Spirit Guides. Those who have forged a personal relationship with their Angel or Guide have experienced for themselves how beneficial these benevolent forces are in assisting and guiding us on our path. So who are these Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, and how might be come to know ours personally? If you are curious to learn more and seek to acquire a working relationship with your guides, then this workshop is for you!

    This workshop is led by Suesie Hartman, a 5th generation psychic, who will help you better understand how to acquire a relationship with your Angles and Guides, and how to communicate with them to hear the lessons and guidance they offer.

    $40  - Please register in advance. Minimum number required

    Register here Angles and Guides