• Next New Beginner Series 9/13-11/1

    Wednesdays 7:15-8:30 pm


     Also open class on Saturdays 10:15 am

  • Welcome to Shri Yoga!

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    If you have been wanting to try yoga, this is the place to start!

    Congrats for taking the first step into what could possibly be one the most life-enhancing choices you make. We love working with student new to yoga! The only thing required is a willingness to meet yourself wherever you are.

    We recommend the Beginner Foundations. In the context of a beginner class we can better serve new students to:

    • Build body awareness
    • Learn effective breathing techniques to calm the mind and minimize sensations
    • Gain flexibility and strength to support proper alignment of the spine Increase range of movement in joints and strengthen supporting muscles to bring about great health and mobility.
    • Learn foundational alignment principles to apply in the physical practice and in everyday living
    • Learn the basic syllabus of poses and how to modify poses to meet physical limitations
    • Gain mental focus and clarity
    • Experience a deeper sense calm and peacefulness


    For your first visit, please plan to arrive about 10-15 minutes early to fill out a health form and meet the instructor.  Be sure to inform the instructor of any health issues that you are currently dealing with.  Wear comfortable clothing and do not over-dress as the room will be warm. The practice is done in bare feet. 

    What to bring:  a yoga mat, small towel and water.  (rental mats are available for $1 and water may be purchased for $1)

    Please feel free to call us for any other questions or concerns! 


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