Components of leveled classes: from lesser (beginner level) to greater (advanced).  Progression of levels = Beginners - Advanced Beginners - Continuing - Intermediate/Advanced

    • Poses - Basic syllabus to broader and more varied
    • Sequencing - basic to more varied to more challenging
    • Alignment instruction - basic to more in depth
    • Basics to Flow Basic classes are more a more hatha based class leading towards a more flow-based vinyasa class

    Beginner Series  Best place to start your practice to establish the foundational principles of physical alignment and breath. Perfect for students who are new or getting back into the practice, working with injuries, concerned about age or weight or who desire to back things up. 

    Beginner Basics   Open class for beginners or continuing students to build a sound foundation to advance as desired. Great place for students who are new or getting back into the practice, working with injuries, concerned about age or weight or who desire to back things up to the basics.

    Basics Works within a basics syllabus to continue to refine body awareness and build muscular balance through strength and flexibility. 

    Flow Mixed  (Continuing - Intermediate/Adv) This is where stability, strength and flexibility meet flowing vinyasas.  Same mindful alignment-based approach with more challenging transitions and vinyasas.  This class incorporates a broader syllabus of poses, may at times break down more advanced poses and include more intermediate breathwork.

    Flow Deepening  (Continuing-Intermediate/ Adv)  Same as flow class with focus on opening specific parts of the body through sequencing and deeper variations. May at times break down more advanced poses and include more intermediate/adv breathwork

    Flow Intermediate  (Intermediate- Adv)  Format will vary depending on the focus of the class and instructor.  This class allows more freedom to explore 'out-of-the-box' sequencing, more challenging vinyasas, and break down more intermediate-advanced poses.  Appropriate for students with a strong flowing practice with good alignment awareness. NOT appropriate for students beginner students or students nursing injuries)

    Yoga Wall (Adv Beginners - Intermediate/Adv) The yoga wall is a system of belts and slings that attach on the wall that are used to help students achieve optimal action of a pose. The yoga wall has great versatility which can benefit students of all levels because it essentially acts like a silent partner to support the body while it lengthens, stretches and opens. Experienced students often discover that the wall can help them access poses they can't usually do in class. Students with injuries such as neck and back problems may find remedial relief through the suspension provided from the use of the wall. Athletes and students with tight muscles will benefit from the deep muscle and connective tissue release to help free up the pelvis and spine.

    Yoga and Wall for Back Care (All welcome! ) This class is for anyone who experiences back pain and discomfort.  Focus is on empowering students to better understand what contributes to back pain, open tight areas and strengthen weak areas, and apply alignment principles in practice to bring greater health to the back.  The wall is used for parts of this class.


    GENTLE CLASSES (appropriate for all levels)

    Gentle and Restore A slower paced, softer approach that is supportive and relaxing. This class is appropriate for all levels of students and ideal for individuals with movement limitations, profound stiffness. those concerned about age or weight, recovering from injuries and pregnant women.

    Relax and Restore allows the body to gently stretch and open within a pose by using props such as bolsters and blankets for support allowing for deep and therapeutic relaxation. Restorative poses refresh, renew, and nurture the body and mind. This peaceful, recuperative class is appropriate for students of all skill levels and those recovering from illness or injury or intense physical activity. 



    Prenatal Yoga Series Pregnancy is a time of change and growth, both physically and emotionally. Whether you have an established yoga practice or this is your first time, this class will provide you with endless ways to strengthen and open your body and mind while offering relief from the common discomforts of pregnancy. With regular practice you will gain new clarity and a regular sense of calm and ease. It will give you the energy to enjoy your pregnancy. If till also help prepare your body for the birth of your baby and aid you in recuperating quickly afterwards, allowing you to enjoy the first few months of motherhood to the fullest.

    Meditation Series - Open to all students who desire to establish a personal practice. The intro session is designed to give you a deeper understanding of what meditation is and is not, how it works and how to most successfully acquire a daily practice. Each session will introduce a principle or technique, give opportunities to explore them and address questions regarding the experience.

    YogaTeens Series (ages 12+) This series provides a non-competitive environment for teens to explore the different practices of yoga. Through yoga postures, breath work, meditation , and deep relaxation, teens will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the interconnectedness of body and mind. Through regular practice students will:

    YogaKids Series (ages 7-11) Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness that can lay the foundation for a life-long practice that will continue to deepen. Children can derive enormous benefits form doing yoga. The physical postures increase flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness improves along with an ability to relax. Through interactive play and opportunities to explore their inner landscape, children develop a deeper connection to self and the natural world around them.

    Mom and Baby Class (infant- 6/7 months) Reconnect with your yoga practice and connect with your baby! After birth, it is vital that new parents have time both to rest and to connect with the new life they've created. It is also prime time to put your post-pregnancy body back together. In this class, we will practice restorative asanas and pranayamas (poses and breathing) to rest the body and mind and reintroduce classic poses to bring the body back into balance. Our babies will practice with us and we will all receive yoga's calming and uplifting benefits. This class is open to students new to yoga and to those who are reconnecting to their practice.

    Family Yoga (all ages) This fun-filled hour is open to all family members. Flex your muscles, explore movement through traditional and non-traditional yoga poses, energize and calm the body through breathing exercises and connect to your inner vibration through sound. And most of all, have fun! Offered one monthly. Dates are posted.