• Our Philosophy and Vision

  • Shri, pronounced 'shree' is a Sanskrit word meaning, 'diffusing light, radiance and beauty.' It represents that which is life-enhancing.

    At Shri Yoga, our unique approach teaches a moderately paced, physically invigorating methodology, which incorporates alignment, breath-linked movements and flow practice. We breathe, we align, we move and awaken the physical body and mind in places we get stuck. Our classes are designed to open the physical body in areas we most frequently contract and hold tension, and illumine habits of mind that cause suffering in our life. We consider alignment of the spine; educating and empowering our students through action as they take to their mats and listen to their bodies. From our approach to the rich and contemplative content woven into each class, we aim to hold a healthy space for you to learn more about yourself through your personal exploration.

    Shri founder Pam Guido has developed this distinct style of teaching after 20 years of her own journey with yoga, learning and teaching in different yoga traditions and philosophies. The result is unlike most yoga classes. Our flow sequence is made approachable through more refined alignment which also brings a greater challenge in moderating the pace to pay attention to details that help build strength through muscular balance.  It's simple really, we teach the practice of our yoga as a way of living life; aligning mind, body and spirit to encourage healing on many different levels.