• Testimonials

  • It has been 6 months since I first set foot into Mindbody Studio (formally Shri) and the transformation that I have seen in myself has been nothing short of amazing. My attitude about my life and myself has changed. I am 20 pounds lighter and for the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I have a good self-image. I feel healthier because I live healthier. Yoga has taught me to look inside myself and take control over the way I think and live.  ~Layne D.

    After my first class I was invigorated. I felt something change inside me. I couldn’t wait for the next class! Yoga has brought me confidence, strength, and inner peace. It has taught me so much about how to look at myself as well as how to look at the world.  ~Angela S.

    Yoga has kept me focused and able to deal with the day-to-day challenges these things bring to me. It has been a life changing experience. It has been a great gift in my life. When things get crazy and you’re about to lose it, do yoga! And then get a massage of course.  ~Polly T.

    I’ve been praticing at Shri for a little over three years now. I love the energy in this studio, from the instructors, to the classes that allow you to expand your knowledge and practice. There are the tried and true classes, that you can always depend on, and then there is always something new thrown into the mix to give you a totally different experience from what you are used to. This is a fabulous studio and love leaving after every class with that A-H-H-H feeling! ! ! On my way to BLISS! ! !  ~Debbie H.

    My original purpose for taking yoga was relief from job induced joint pain and stress. It’s only been four months (as I type this), but we have just had 2 successive snowstorms and what a difference in how my back felt after shovelling what seemed like tons of snow. Actually it probably was tons, and the expression ‘night and day’ comes to mind – compared to last year. It’s not all about the back, of course, and I feel much better all around; my shoulders and especially hips have little to no pain anymore. Perhaps I’m aging in reverse…..nah, my hair is still falling out! Seriously, if you are reading this debating on whether to try it – do it. Just a short time will make a difference for you. My only regret is that I never tried it years (or decades) ago; yes I’m over 30…and 40…and…  ~Steve B.

    Shri yoga classes are a completely positive experience. The gentle, encouraging teaching is wonderful for those of us with low self -confidence. Every class is a great workout for body and spirit. There is no stress left in me when I leave Shri. My blood pressure is lower, and my clothes fit better. I would, and do, recommend Shri to everyone.  ~Carol P.

    I moved to Berks County from Colorado almost two years ago and one of the first places I went in the midst of adjusting to my new surroundings was Shri Yoga and Wellness Center. I was immediately drawn to the studio and the wonderful people who practice and teach there; over time, Shri has become my community. In my 7 years of practicing yoga, I’ve never experienced such a fulfilling yoga practice (physically, mentally, spiritually) as the one I’ve cultivated at Shri. Many thanks to Pam!   ~Jessica S.

    I came to Shri Yoga and Wellness center in 2006 in support of a family member. I had been a student of yoga philosophy and practiced meditation off and on since the early 90’s. After taking a few asana classes at Shri I felt a new interest and passion for yoga growing inside. By continuing to practice regularly at Shri my personal practice has deepened and my meditation practice and spirituality has expanded beyond belief. The Shri Yoga and Wellness center has made a profound difference in my life by surrounding me with like minded positive staff and fellow students. I have been encouraged to explore new paths and possibilities which have opened doors to expanded personal growth along with better physical, mental, and spiritual health.  ~Bill S.