"Shri" is a Sanskirt word that represents that which is life-enhancing!


Shri is an invitation to step fully into life; to embrace the full spectrum of duality –joy and sorrow, likes and dislikes, ideals and compromises, love and fear.It is a calling to turn toward the world; to shift our attention to the present moment; to give voice to the deepest urges that live within us. Shri is the power of grace that awakens us to our fullest potential to love, feel, heal and create.



11/26 No 5:45 or 7:30 (All other classes as scheduled)
11/27 Thanksgiving day: One class only 9:00 am Mixed levels with Pam

Suesie's Schedule: 12/16; 1/10; 1/20.

  • Teen Yoga Series with Susan
  • Intro to Meditation Series with Bill
  • Prenatal Yoga with MaryBeth

Today’s Schedule

Monday 11/24
9:15 am Mixed Levels / Lori
4:30 pm Mixed Levels / Pam
7:30 pm Gentle / Restorative / Rachel
7:30 pm Meditation Series / Bill

Tuesday 11/25
7:45 am HOUR Levels / Pam
9:15 am Beginners / Pam
5:30 pm Mixed levels / Bill
7:00 pm Beginners / Pam
7:15 pm TEEN Yoga / Susan

Upcoming Events

Teen Yoga Series with Susan 10/7 - 11/25
Tuesdays 7:15 - 8:30 pm / drop-ins welcome

Intro to Meditation Series with Bill 11/3- 11/24 Mondays 7:30 - 9 pm

FREE Meditation Class Sundays at 8am