"Shri" is a Sanskirt word that represents that which is life-enhancing!


Shri is an invitation to step fully into life; to embrace the full spectrum of duality –joy and sorrow, likes and dislikes, ideals and compromises, love and fear.It is a calling to turn toward the world; to shift our attention to the present moment; to give voice to the deepest urges that live within us. Shri is the power of grace that awakens us to our fullest potential to love, feel, heal and create.



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12/24 9:15 am ONLY / Mixed levels / Chris
12/25 CLOSED
11/31 9:15 am ONLY / Mixed Levels / Chris
1/1 9:30 - 11:00 ONLY / ALL levels / Pam

Suesie's Schedule: 12/16; 1/10; 1/20.

SHRI IS MOVING to a new location in mid-January!
New address: 511 Reading Avenue, West Reading. Opening date will be announced as this becomes known.

Family Yoga and Mom and Baby Yoga with Alicia
January 24, February 21, March 28
Family Yoga 11:30 and Mom and Baby 12:45

  • MOVING HERE mid January
  • Prenatal Yoga with MaryBeth
  • Family Yoga and Mom and Baby Yoga with Alicia

Today’s Schedule

Monday 12/22
9:15 am Mixed levels / Jillian (sub)
4:30 pm Mixed levels / Pam
7:30 pm Gentle / Restorative

7:45 am HOUR Mixed Levels / Pam
10:00 am Beginners / Pam
5:30 pm Mixed Levels / Bill
7:00 pm Beginners / Pam

Wednesday 12/24
ONE class only 9:15 am Mixed Levels / Chris

Thursday 12/ 25 CLOSED

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FREE Meditation Class Sundays at 8am