"Shri" is a Sanskirt word that represents that which is life-enhancing!


Shri is an invitation to step fully into life; to embrace the full spectrum of duality –joy and sorrow, likes and dislikes, ideals and compromises, love and fear.It is a calling to turn toward the world; to shift our attention to the present moment; to give voice to the deepest urges that live within us. Shri is the power of grace that awakens us to our fullest potential to love, feel, heal and create.



11/26 AM classes as scheduled. Update: NO evening classes!
11/27 Thanksgiving day: One class only 9:00 am Mixed levels with Pam

Thank you to ALL who came out to the Conscious Giving Event, voted with your dollars and offered donations! Deadline for donation is Dec 10th. Collecting children's Christmas gifts for Berks Women in Crisis and for our furry friend s at the Humane Society. For animal wish list: http://berkshumane.org/donations/wish-list/

Congratulations to our raffle winners from the Conscious Giving Event;
Collette Sosnowy won a pair of handcrafted earrings
Galadriel Kelly won peach butter
Christine Quinter won Pangea facial toner
Stacy Greer won two free Shri classes

Suesie's Schedule: 12/16; 1/10; 1/20.

  • Teen Yoga Series with Susan
  • Intro to Meditation Series with Bill
  • Prenatal Yoga with MaryBeth

Today’s Schedule

Tuesday 11/25
7:45 am HOUR Levels / Pam
9:15 am Beginners / Pam
5:30 pm Mixed levels / Bill
7:00 pm Beginners / Pam
7:15 pm TEEN Yoga / Susan

Wednesday 11/26
9:15 am Mixed levels / Jillian
10 am Silver Age Yoga / Jeanne
NO evening classes!

Thursday 11/27 Happy Thanksgiving!
9 - 10:30 am All Levels / Pam

Upcoming Events

Teen Yoga Series with Susan 10/7 - 11/25
Tuesdays 7:15 - 8:30 pm / drop-ins welcome

Intro to Meditation Series with Bill 11/3- 11/24 Mondays 7:30 - 9 pm

FREE Meditation Class Sundays at 8am